Biomass boiler operation analytical system

EA-SAS Cloud

We propose the biomass boiler operation analytical system EA-SAS Cloud.

IT system performs real time boiler parameters analysis for each operational hour.

Why is it beneficial?

  • Real time biomass fuel quality KPIs observation;
  • Real time evaluation of individual boiler components operation;
  • Tracking and sending notifications to personnel responsible for operation;
  • Easier maintenance planning. Maintenance planning according to actual KPIs;
  • Created possibility for operator to select the most optimal composition of biomass fuel.

How results are achieved?

  1. Real calorific value of biomass fuel is calculated accordingly to combustion reaction;
  2. Biomass fuel dosing process is evaluated in such accuracy that is needed to calculate combustion process in the boiler; 
  3. Full mathematical model of the boiler is involved;
  4. Economizer efficiency is analyzed;
  5. Thermal losses with input air and exhausted gasses are analyzed;
  6. Performed calculations:
    Amount of produced heat per day in MWh;
    Amount of consumed biomass fuel per day in tons, tne and Euros;
  7. User interface is prepared:
    For inserting biomass fuel and electricity price;
    For inserting nominal KPIs; Supply and return water KPIs display and analysis

Data output through dashboard

  • Boiler efficiency, %;
  • Economizer efficiency, %;
  • Plant efficiency, %;
  • Biomass consumption in MWh, biomass consumption in tons;
  • Energy production prime cost, Eur / MWh; Eur/tne;
  • Costs of electricity kWh / MWh thermal;
  • Energy prime cost tne / MWh thermal;
  • Energy for tn of biomass/ MWh thermal;
  • Biomass energy KPIs: calorific value in MJ/kg and moisture content %;
  • Excess air ratio % change in time.


  • Amount of produced heat, boiler and economizer efficiency, amount of consumed biomass fuel and costs in Eur;
  • Fuel calorific report;
  • Report is submitted for each day;
  • Report is prepared in any form Customer requires;
  • Report is send to easily configurable addresses;
  • Reports are saved in database for the next 6 months.