Big Data Analytics

Data management concept

While utilities already possess huge amounts of data, this situation is going to be even more severe due to smart meters roll-out.

However, data is only as good as the useful knowledge extracted from it.

Therefore, the important question is how utilities are going to benefit from all this data?

Energy Advice team is ready to apply classical and AI based big data analysis solutions to answer this question to Your company.

Data Driven Solutions for Utilities

  • Optimize assets planning: Optimize CAPEX to defer capital investments where possible. Base these decisions on advanced data analytics.
  • Improve operational performance: Control system according to consumers behaviors and ensure maximum energy efficiency.
  • Increase system reliability: Avoid unplanned outages and revenue loss. Compare optimal system reliability measures with your current situation.

Short-Time Demand Forecasting

Advanced data analysis algorithms allow to forecast water, electricity, gas and heat consumption as well as renewable power plants generation.

  • Increase operations efficiency: Control water pressure, system configuration, heat carrier temperature and fluid flow according to the expected demand. As a result, minimize system power consumption and avoid unfavorable conditions like water stagnation.
  • Forecast your business expenditures and revenues: According to the expected demand get accurate information about company‘s energy and fuel consumption.
  • Plan electricity, gas and biomass future contracts: Make well – reasoned decisions on your future contracts in electricity, gas or biomass markets.

Reliability Analysis

Proposed algorithms allow to calculate electric and hydraulic networks reliability.

  • Reduce losses by ensuring reliability: Get information about bottleneck system parts that significantly affect system reliability or efficiency.
  • Optimize CAPEX: Redirect investments to critical system parts and ensure cost-effectiveness of expenditures.
  • Benchmark outage processes: Collect necessary data and calculate measures like SAIDI, SAIFI, CAIDI and etc. Compare optimal system reliability measures with your current situation.

Faults Detection

Energy Advice products allow to calculate electric and hydraulic networks. According to measurements and calculation results algorithms will suggest expected fault location.

  • Reduce faults elimination time: Faster fault elimination minimizes revenue losses and improves system reliability measures.
  • Find not only the fault but also its cause: Cause is not always obvious. Network modeling algorithms allow to find it and take actions to avoid it in the future.

Resource Theft Detection

  • Get the most out of your data: Algorithms analyze energy usage patterns, payment history, other customers data and notify accordingly about any abnormal changes.
  • Reduce expenditures on inspections: In vast systems expenditures on inspections can be significant and, in most cases, economically infeasible. Therefore, it is necessary to employ automatic solutions.
  • Mitigate revenue losses: In some utilities illegal consumption accounts for up to 40% of distributed energy or material. What is more, majority of utilities do not know even the approximate scale of illegal consumption.